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伊藤 哲(Dr.いとう さとし)



 Satoshi is a music minister of Lighthouse Baptist Church and also one of founders of this Church. He was from Shibata-city and lives in Niigata-city. In his professional long career of  music, he met gospel music as business in 2004. through this music, he started to read the Bible.He was baptized in 2007.
  He becomes a great witness of the Lord.God has  blessed him. Now, he is a good husband and father of  his daughter. There are over 100 students of his drum school and he plays  all around in Japan. He contracted with music company,CANOPUS. Whenever he plays, he talks about Jesus. Nobody can't stop his testimony and through his music  Gospel spread in Japan.
He dedicates his gift onto Jesus and plays every Sunday at our church and all of church musical.


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